10 pictures to help you understand Holacracy

The book “Redefining Management” has introduced many people to the management system called “Holacracy,” which has quietly gained popularity in Silicon Valley and Europe. The American online shoe retailer Zappos announced the dissolution of its management structure and implemented Holacracy (Listen to Zappos HR: What does Holacracy mean for leaders?). The co-founders of Twitter implemented Holacracy at their new startup Medium (Medium: Long live evolution!). The Office of the Chief Information Officer in Washington State has successfully implemented Holacracy. Want to try Holacracy for your meeting? Go to Huddles.app, it includes all kinds of meeting templates, such as Holacracy Tactical Meeting Template.

Currently, thousands of companies worldwide are implementing Holacracy.

However, some people believe that Holacracy is a utopian form of organizational democratization. People continue to ask: What exactly is Holacracy? How do we “holo” and “cracy”?

The following ten images can provide you with a framework for understanding the basic principles of how Holacracy operates.

Your AI-powered meeting assistant – Huddles.app

Smarter agenda , valuable conclusions

Author: Leona Smith

Certified Global Holacracy Coach

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