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5 Tools For One-To-Many Meeting Communication

5 Tools For One-To-Many Meeting Communication

Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google Meet are top tools for large meetings, supporting up to 10,000, 50 breakout rooms, and 250 participants respectively, ensuring scalability and interactivity.

Zoom video conferencing

Since the beginning of 2020, the application Zoom has become relatively synonymous with video conferencing. Still, it should be noted that it is more than just the tool – it became a platform that disrupted the way corporations, schools, and even governments communicate across the distances. There are a few reasons for this choice of the video conferencing software.

The ease of use and efficiency of Zoom meetings

The first reason for using Zoom is the ability to host video conferences with as many as 1,000 video participants. The number of viewers, who decide to take part without video, is even higher – up to 10,000. Therefore, it is evident that the ability to conduct large-scale communications is a huge advantage. It is especially useful for webinars, training, and international meetings that do not require one’s proceeding to the point of destination. The ease of use of the entire process is also a valuable factor, particularly for individuals who have to communicate with one another. The only steps needed to be taken are the creation of the meeting, participation invitation through email, and controlling the meeting, which could be conducted through muting viewers, sharing screens, and setting smaller groups to break into.

The number of available integrations

Although those are not the only hosts of the platform, it should also be noted that Zoom could be easily integrated with a large number of applications that one may use for a specific purpose. For example, Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, and Slack are only a few examples of the applications that are integrated with the software. If other applications are used in one’s profession, they are likely to be compatible with the platform as well. The list includes Canvas and Blackboard, which are used for educational purposes. With this range of integration, it is relatively easy to start or schedule a meeting as well.


Zoom also seems like an efficient video conferencing tool as it places high importance on the safety of its application. E2EE encryption and password protection and user authentication are crucial security implementations for the corporate environment.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams, as one of the first components for any organization that commits to modern corporate communication, represents one of the most important tools for robust dialogue for organizations of all sizes. Launched in 2017, an environment that Microsoft Teams creates is the integrated one for any business that requires unified communication and means of collaboration. Moreover, it has a seamless integration with the Microsoft Office 365 suite, providing a set of means that goes beyond simple texting. Microsoft Teams provides video conferencing, file sharing, and a set of collaborative editing tools.

How to Create a Teams Meeting

Creating a meeting in Microsoft Teams is an easy process that is designed with the priority of enrolling participants in mind. Users click on the ‘Meetings’ tag on the left sidebar, then choose to ‘Schedule a Meeting’, and then fill in the form that it opens by specifying the details such as title, time, and participants. What is more, Microsoft Teams feature scheduling right from Outlook, enabling the users to ensure that their calendars do not overlap. It is important as they are automatically blocked in the scheduled time window in case the user of Teams schedules a meeting with them.

Advanced Features and Interaction

As it was mentioned before, Microsoft Teams offers several advanced features that can additionally polish the Teams meeting experience. Few people could otherwise participate in the meeting that happens in real life, so the first advanced set of features that Microsoft Teams offers are called ‘Live Events’. Live events can host up to 10,000 participants, making it a good substitution for a webinar or a company announcement. However, tools that enhance the meeting experience are live captions and the possibility to record the meeting and then sit back and analyze it. As for ensuring the interaction, the most important tools that are used in the teams meeting are real-time polling and Q&A that is an essential part of a polished efforts to engage up to 10,000 participants.

Breakout Rooms

After the onset of COVID, people missed real social interactions with their colleagues. With that in mind, Microsoft Teams introduced breakout rooms that enable the creators of the session to split the participants into smaller groups for the part of the session in which smaller groups benefit the most. Organizers can have, four, eight, or up to 50 breakout rooms in a single session. It is especially useful for workshops or traininings.

Google Meet

Google Meet is undoubtedly one of the most important means of one-to-many communication, which is entirely critical for the majority of businesses, schools, and other organizations across the globe. The tool is convenient and simple to access, and this is crucial for supporting the meetings even more actively in modern conditions. Google Meet or simply Meet was introduced in 2017 as a component of G Suite. The product is now pretty much independent, although a paid version of Meet is automatically transformed into Google Workspace. The most distinguishing features and capabilities of Google Meet include the variety of available and useful features designed for improving communication and collaboration.

Effortless Access and Quick Meeting Start

One of the most important advantages of Google Meet is the ability to start a meeting with only a few clicks. The host can schedule the meeting in Google Calendar and send the invitation to the participants, which automatically includes a hyperlink to the meeting. The latter, in turn, can join the meeting immediately by only clicking the link, without installing any additional software to their devices. As a result, the process allows to save a significant amount of time and streamlined the access to the meeting, helping the latter to run more effectively.

Google Workspace Integration

Another significant advantage of Google Meet is the possibility to integrate the product with the entire Google Environment. Alongside Google Calendar, Google Drive, and other services developed by the company, Meet becomes an even more powerful tool driving creativity and productivity. The participants can access various types of content during the call, such as the meeting agenda developed in Google Docs, the presentation in Google Slides, or the project plan in Google Sheets. Real-time collaboration is also supported, which allows the host and other participants to work simultaneously on the document during the call.

Participation and Communication Features

Google Meet allows hosting the meetings of up to 250 participants, which makes it suitable for both large meetings and webinars. One of the distinctive features provided is the live captioning, which is available for the participants and supported by Google’s speech recognition technology. The feature is crucial for making the meeting more accessible for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. Another important feature which is supported by the tool is the ability to record the meeting and save it in Google Drive. This condition helps to review the meeting later or share it with those participants who could not join a live call. Finally, presence of interactive tools, such as hand raising or Q&A, makes the meeting more engaging and ensures that the communication is effective for all parties. Polls can be also conducted throughout the meeting for the quick and immediate decision-making on any issue raised. Meeting the needs specific to video communication, Google Meet is characterized by high quality of both video and audio. The user also does not need to worry about the quality of connection since, depending on the available bandwidth, the product adjusts the amount of data sent, MPEG and priority of images.

Cisco Webex Meetings

Cisco Webex Meetings is a high-end component of digital communication and is designed to be used in extensive enterprise-level collaboration. It was developed by Cisco Systems and is a powerful tool for video conferencing . The benefits of the tool include its support of webinars, real-time communication, and well-engineered software suitable for small and large teams. The purpose of this guide is to help the novice users of Webex understand some of the most prominent features.

How to start your meeting

The process of starting a meeting does not require much effort and has been simplified for the convenience of the users. First, one has to log in to their Webex site and click ‘Schedule’. The title of your meeting will have to be created, along with the time and date parameters . E-meeting invitations are usually facilitated through email; therefore, the next step will be inserting the email addresses of the participants. The scheduling of the meeting allows for prospective regularity in meeting with options for setting a schedule every day or weekly. Furthermore, the meeting can be shared through a schedule with providers such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. The impression of this feature is very positive and is convenient because it streamlines the overall process of creation.

Key Features

Webex Meetings has been installed with numerous tools with the objective of facilitating a user’s experience in large-scale settings:

  • High-quality video, and audio conferencing, supporting thousands of people.

  • Up to 100,000 participants can join the event, which is great for big corporations or global meetings.

  • Screen sharing capabilities, background display, and noise cancellation are some of the options that have been installed.

  • Q&A meetings and polling are also available for the purpose of enhancing the audience’s reception of materials .

  • Breakout sessions can be divided into 100 different rooms. They can be initiated in situations where a big discussion is inconvenient.


While Webex Meetings has many good features, it is the level of third party-features that will impact its integration ability the most:

  • Webex incorporates Salesforce, Slack, and Microsoft Teams, which is beneficial for enterprise work.

  • Integration is possible through the Webex App Hub , where users can access a large number of additional applications.

  • Examples of these applications include the best-in-class enterprise video editing services (Cisco Webex Meetings, n.d.).



GoToMeeting by LogMeIn is a favorite tool among business representatives for web conferencing and remote collaboration. Virtual communication enabled by GoToMeeting has been recognized for its robust features and reliability, facilitating one-to-many communications seamlessly. The current post outlines the best functions and features of this tool, explaining how they work and whether they are as popular as described.

Easy setup of virtual meetings

Virtual meetings are easy to set up with GoToMeeting. Users can easily schedule meetings from their GoToMeeting Hub or through their Outlook account . An email will be sent to the recipients from the email address listed in their account. All they need to do then is to select the time and date for the meeting, set up the automated invite, and send it. Speaking of users, they can join the meeting with one click, as they do not need to download any tool on their computer. GoToMeeting will easily run the Web App in their browser. Thus, this robust function is also helpful because of its additional features and simplicity.

Integration with business tools

Another function that stood out to me is the vast number of business tools that GoToMeeting can integrate with . The leading developers of these tools are Office 365, Salesforce, and Slack. Another representative of this group is Zapier, which can integrate GoToMeeting with hundreds of various tools. The logic is simple as best: my organization needs to discuss a deal with a client, so we can do that efficiently on GoToMeeting without leaving the Salesforce account. The same works for employees.

Advanced virtual meeting features

Another advantage of GoToMeeting is its additional virtual communication features. Although standard, they are vital for proper communication in the business world. In particular, GoToMeeting allowed me to enjoy HD video conference calls , screen sharing , and meeting recording. The standard package can incorporate up to 250 participants, which is excellent for webinars or company briefings. Finally, my favorite automatic function is the smart meeting assistant with automated transcription. Not all options can boast this feature, so I believe it is a more decent solution than others. Overall, as an average representative of a business organization, I would use GoToMeeting because of its: 1) simplicity; 2) conference management; 3) integration with business tools; and 4) functions.

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