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6 Elements of a Successful Staff Meeting

6 Elements of a Successful Staff Meeting

what exactly do our campus staff meetings look like? Here are a few key components for our staff meetings—take them and tweak them to fit your unique team.

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6 Elements of a Successful Staff Meeting

  1. Start with Stories: Begin meetings with inspiring stories of life change to set a celebratory and awe-inspiring tone, motivating and engaging participants from the start.
  2. Calendar: Review upcoming events and important dates for the next four to six weeks to ensure that all team members are on the same page and well-prepared.
  3. A Look at the Bench: Focus on volunteers, celebrate new additions, and use the volunteer list as an accountability tool to ensure that volunteer roles are filled effectively.
  4. The Mile Marker: Set and track progress towards specific goals using Mile Markers, which are distinct from the goals themselves, allowing for clearer assessment and motivation.
  5. Status Report and Action Steps: Discuss updates in different areas, including reviewing past data, current status, and upcoming plans. Clarify responsibilities and deadlines to ensure everyone is aligned and accountable.
  6. Leadership Development: Dedicate significant time to leadership development by exploring resources such as books, podcasts, and TED Talks, fostering continuous growth and improvement within the team.

Leadership Development Resources

For staff meeting discussions focused on leadership development, one highly recommended resource is the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. This podcast, hosted by Craig Groeschel, a renowned author and pastor, delves into various aspects of leadership, providing valuable insights, strategies, and inspiration for individuals looking to enhance their leadership skills. Groeschel’s podcast features interviews with prominent leaders from diverse fields, along with practical tips and lessons from his own experiences in leadership.

The Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast covers a wide range of leadership topics, including team dynamics, communication, decision-making, and personal growth. It also explores the intersection of leadership principles with faith and values, making it relevant for leaders across different contexts.

By incorporating episodes from this podcast into staff meeting discussions, organizations can foster a culture of continuous learning and development among their teams. Staff members can gain fresh perspectives, learn from successful leaders, and apply these insights to their roles within the organization. This resource not only enhances leadership skills but also contributes to the overall growth and success of the team and the organization as a whole.


Staff meetings are not merely routine gatherings but crucial opportunities for team improvement and effectiveness. By implementing the six elements of a successful staff meeting, organizations can elevate these gatherings beyond the mundane and turn them into powerful tools for inspiring, informing, and aligning their teams.

Starting with compelling stories sets a celebratory and inspiring tone, while reviewing the calendar ensures that everyone is on the same page regarding upcoming events and important dates. Acknowledging the contributions of volunteers and using a bench list as an accountability tool strengthens team cohesion.

Setting and tracking progress using Mile Markers, focusing on specific goals, allows teams to measure their advancements effectively. Discussing updates in different areas, clarifying responsibilities, and establishing clear action steps keep the team informed and aligned.

Lastly, dedicating time to leadership development through resources like the Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast equips team members with valuable insights and strategies to enhance their leadership skills. By embracing these elements, staff meetings can become transformative moments that drive growth, foster unity, and elevate the effectiveness of the entire organization.

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