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7 Free Online Meeting Platforms

7 Free Online Meeting Platforms

Explore free online meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, each offering unique features such as HD video, screen sharing, and no time limits.


Zoom is undoubtedly one of the leading free online meeting solutions. Its free plan makes it an attractive offering for personal and professional use, as it allows for hosting of meetings wherever necessary, even with the limited bandwidth. With its simplicity and reliability, Zoom offers a stable way to hold a meeting.

Key features of a free plan

Free plan of Zoom free plan is pretty generous – it allows an unlimited number of meetings with up to 100 participants. The meeting time is capped at 40 minutes, which is sufficient for most personal or professionally oriented meetings. Additionally, free plan users enjoy screen sharing, virtual background support and HD video and audio quality. Free accounts can also be used to record the meetings locally, on the user’s device.

How to set up a Zoom meeting

Setting up a Zoom meeting is quite simple. First, the owner has to download and log into the app, or use the web client. Just a few clicks are needed to set up a new meeting, but, before that, one has to make sure that they have the meeting options right. Afterwards, to start a new meeting, the user just has to click on “New Meeting” and invite the desired people through either an email or a direct link.

Which advanced Zoom features can you use on a free plan

One of the key features of Zoom, which can yet be used on the free plan, is the division of participants into smaller groups, or breakout rooms . This feature is great for workshops and classes. Another useful feature is support for chat during the meeting, which allows attendees to communicate without interrupting the speaker.

Advantages of choosing Zoom

Zoom is normally a secure tool since it started improving its safety standards after multiple concerns were raised over its privacy. Now Zoom uses an end-to-end encryption standard to ensure that the meeting remains private. The owner can also control the participants’ access through the usage of a waiting room. Additionally, as mentioned, one can use it for free. Lastly, Zoom works relatively well with most of the calendars. It also supports Windows, MacOs, Linux, Android, and iOS with supporting and compatibility issues broadly non-existent.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a comprehensive solution for team collaboration and communication, one that works seamlessly with the Microsoft Office ecosystem. It is particularly effective for businesses and educational institutions that require a solid and unified platform for remote communication. This is a review of the free version of Microsoft Teams, which includes many useful features applicable in numerous spheres of work and education.

Core features: free version of Microsoft Teams

The free version of Microsoft Teams allows up to 300 participants per meeting. Guest access is included, and one-on-one and conference calls are capped at 24 hours and 60 minutes, respectively. 10 GB of team file storage is allowed, as well as 2 GB per person and unlimited chat and search. The free version of Microsoft Teams may be sufficient as a communication tool for most small and medium-sized teams.

How to use: interface and Ms Teams Markdown

Microsoft Teams may be relatively easily set up. New users may register using a corporate or consumer email. The user is free to create their teams and their channels. Each channel may be seen as a separate workspace where discussions on various topics or communications between the subdivisions may take place. Integration with Office 365 enables creating, sharing, and co-authoring documents within the Microsoft Teams environment.

Microsoft Teams: advantages and failings

The primary advantage of Microsoft Teams is that it is not just a meeting app, but rather a comprehensive platform that can replace many other tools currently used by teams. Namely, the collaboration involves file sharing, within-chat file sharing and editing, and pinning files and websites. Planners and To-Do are another ‘big picture’ advantage, enabling the management of various projects within Teams. Speaking of security, Microsoft Teams allow two-factor authentication and encrypted data (in transit and at rest), as well as advanced threat protection. Admins may also manage teams’ configuration and permissions.

Ms Teams: integrations

Integration with other software is the primary advantage of Microsoft Teams from the initial release. The app plays well with other Microsoft services, operating systems, and third-party apps. This means that users may work with emails, make complex lists, or use project management tools almost as complex as in Microsoft Project without leaving the Microsoft Teams environment.

Google Meet

No-Cost Quality. Google Meet is BY FAR the best option for those who look for the free online meeting service of high quality. It is also beneficially integrated with the rest of Google’s productivity tools, offering an easy-to-use and time-effective solution for both personal and professional needs.


As mentioned above, Google Meet’s free service supports up to 100 participants in one video call and 60 minutes of time duration. Designed to be user-friendly, the service does not require any downloads for web-based browsers. Integrated with such essential features as screen sharing, adjustable layouts, and Google’s best in class speech recognition service to provide real-time captions. Moreover, there are several additional features to enhance the user experience even with it being a free service. These include noise cancellation and ‘Hand Raise’ featur4es. The former is self-explanatory, effectively muting background noise when working in a busy place, for example. The latter allows the host to see who raised his hand and gives a chance to speak, making the process seamless for both sides.

How to start a call

The process of starting a call is not complicated for a user with a Google account . Once provided with an email or an event in Google Calendar, one can start a simple video chat by clicking a “start a meeting” button. The other person can join the meeting by clicking an invitation link and getting straight to the call. The invitations are sent via email, meaning the participants will receive a direct link to the meeting, dodging the need to share it from a host user.


Google, as always, pays special attention to the security of its services, so Google Meet is no exception. Meeting codes are as hard to decode as they get and are also encrypted in transit. Moreover, hosts have full power to allow entry to the meeting or not. Benefits also include the use of a personal Gmail account to cheat codes. Example: “”.


Free Google Meet offers a splendid synchronism with Google Calendar for obvious reasons. Moreover, the recordings of the meeting are automatically saved and stored in Google Drive, and the live capping feature is based off Google Doc Files.

Dialpad Meetings

Free online meeting platforms have changed the way people or businesses interact. Dialpad Meetings, being one of these platforms, makes it simple to host or join a meeting without incurring costs. In addition, the dialpad meetings dashboard is straightforward to navigate to capture the requirements of the user.

Dialpad Meetings Features

  • The VoIP company does not limit the duration of the sessions.

  • The resolution and configuration of the high definition stream.

  • Their screen-sharing mechanism is another excellent feature.

  • The free version only promotes ten-person meet-ups.

  • DialPad Meetings utilizes Voice Intelligence (Vi) to generate live transcriptions with action items.

Getting Started with Dialpad Meetings

Setting up an account with Dialpad meetings is just as easy as starting to meet or join the online platform. The user could sign up for the free Dialpad Account through the Dialpad website. The eligible users then accessed the “Meetings” tab on the dashboard. The host was then to choose “Start a meeting” to begin the activity instantly or schedule the meeting for later. The additional feature is made by tapping “Invite” to send an email or link invitation.

Comparison of Dialpad Meetings

The free version is convenient because of added value to the VoIP provider, including a selection of voice over internet protocol. However, an application with a nice user interface and a free version of the application can be used whenever “Teams” have large meetings. Meetings with Dialpad and Google’s available insights hubs are advantageous. Zoom also competed well and provided company hardware for agency branding.

Feedback and Revelations

Dialpad is user-friendly, with a flawless system that does not encounter any audio or video quality issues. Unlike the Zoom app, Dialpad’s performance is unaffected by the greater applications and meeting hubs. It performs well, even on a restricted spectrum.

TrueConf Online

TrueConf Online is one of the most powerful and efficient solutions for any business and any single person oriented at gaining a low-cost avenue to handle different types of meetings. This platform’s main advantage is its user-friendly interface and a plethora of features that may help in holding or just attending different types of conferences.

TrueConf Online: Features and Functionalities

Overall, TrueConf Online is a mixed solution capable of offering a wide range of tools. The most recognizable ones are:

  • HD video calls;

  • Up to 120 participants per conference;

  • Screen sharing, file sharing, a virtual whiteboard;

  • The ability to work with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Meeting Creation

To start using TrueConf Online, it is important to create an account on this platform . Then, a user is encouraged to download the application and follow simple instructions:

  • Launch the application ;

  • Sign in.

  • Сlick “Create a conference” and choose the conference type you want to use ;

  • Вirectly invite a TrueConf user if you know him or her or use the link to invite a different person .

As seen, even the very beginning user can start using this tool almost instantly and invite their colleagues or friends to a new meeting.

Meeting Security Features

Talking about the security tools used by TrueConf Online, it is possible to mention the scarce use of the end-to-end encryption technique. That is, by no means, an artifact, and all messages and calls sent by a user are kept end-to-end encrypted. It should be noted that a TrueConf Online user may also add a password to the company or meeting to prevent unauthorized use.

Integration Capabilities

One of the main TrueConf Online pros is that it does not stay as it is and rather tries to partially integrate into some other software solutions. For example, it may easily cooperate with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Such an odd feature makes it very easy to schedule video calls and send out notifications or reminders there. In addition, TrueConf Online has an API and may be modified depending on the individual needs of the company.

Customer Support, and Resources

The people from TrueConf Online have done a very good job trying to create a powerful FAQ. However, they probably understood that this would not be enough and added to it a lot of video tutorials. Finally, at any time, every user will be able to ask for help in a chat or over the phone with a highly skilled TrueConf Online customer support worker.


FreeConference is a robust online meeting platform with a twist – it offers a complete suite of attending and hosting tools free of charge. Unlike other paid and subscription-based providers, FreeConference does not skimp on useful features, allowing users to video conference and share screens. Furthermore, it allows for meetings with up to 100 participants – a large number compared to other free providers. This paper offers a review of FreeConference, examining features, set-up and operation, comparison with other platforms, built-in security and assessment on whether one would use it in a business setting.

Key Features and Benefits

Meetings can be initiated at any time, or a schedule, via the platform’s built-in calendar. Beyond the bare-bone functionality of video and voice capture, the platform also includes mute and camera off functions and file sharing. A particularly useful feature is the screen sharing tool, which allows all participants in the meeting the ability to look at the same document. The process is comparable to Zoom and requires a new user to create a profile with an email and schedule a new meeting. Users specifics a day and time and either sends the invite by email or uses the direct link option. FreeConference does not require any software installation for attendees or external plug-ins, quickly adapting for use on any platform, including a smartphone.

Comparison with Zoom and Other Programs

Compared to other meeting software platforms, Zoom and Microsoft Teams, FreeConference’s main benefit is the lack of any time-limit for free users. Namely, Zoom is limited to 40 minutes, which increases to 24 hours. Overall, the majority of benefits and features of FreeConference are more or less interchangeable with its market competitors. When it comes to a security measure, FreeFiles can only be shared with people who are a part of the meeting and participants are vetted to prevent unauthorized access. Finally, FreeConference supports both passwords and locking as the means to protect meetings.

Slack Video Calls

Slack Video Calls offer an integrated solution within the Slack platform, meaning it may be beneficial only for the teams that already use Slack for communication. Unlike adding a separate meeting app to their communication, Slack extends the existing messaging capabilities by adding a feature of video calling into the chat .

How to get started with Slack Video Calls

The first step in starting any video call is to click onto the video camera icon on the upper right corner of the direct message or the channel. The feature is already available for everyone to use without the need for any software installation. By integrating video calls into the already existing platform, Slack allows swift convert from text communication to video chat, which may be beneficial for creating a more dynamic and flexible communication environment.

Features and functionality

The central element of using Slack Video Calls is the ability to call directly from the chat and to share any content one can share during the chat call itself. Non-speaking participants can also use the ‘react’ feature they are used to from text messaging, reacting with emojis to what is happening at the meeting. The main additional feature of the call is screen sharing – any participant can present the documents, slides or applications directly from their PC into the call.

Advantages over competitors

Slack Video Calls offer a more limited set of features in comparison to the similar features of Zoom or WebEx meetings. While those programs may be able to host large scale webinars or have more advanced administrative controls, the simplicity and high performance of Slack can make it a preferred choice for teams looking for an easy, no-cost way to communicate that corresponds with their daily use of the platform. The calls are also secure across the same overall platform security as the rest of Slack calls, with all the data encrypted in transfers. It is worth noting that both the text platform and the video calls are highly reliable and offer quick customer support, being a reliable choice for business use.

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