How to Automate Meeting Notes with an AI Notes Generator (2024 Guide)

How to Automate Meeting Notes with an AI Notes Generator (2024 Guide)

Meetings are a common occurrence in any organization, with executives dedicating over 23 hours per week to them. In a time when AI is increasingly handling routine tasks, many wonder: Is there an AI notes generator, and how can I automate my meeting notes using it?

If you’re curious about this, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we’ll introduce you to the most widely used free AI note takers available, providing detailed instructions on using, our AI companion for creating free meeting summaries. Without further ado, let’s get started!

What are AI Notes Generators?

AI note generators, also known as AI note takers or AI meeting assistants, are tools designed to enhance productivity by using AI and machine learning to streamline tasks such as scheduling, organizing, note-taking, and facilitating effective virtual meetings. Simply put, an AI notes generator is an AI that takes notes for you.

They are typically integrated with popular meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. These assistants rely on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to interpret and interact with human language, which makes them very efficient and productive.

The benefits of AI note generators are as follows:

  • Boosted efficiency: AI meeting assistants handle administrative tasks, eliminating the need for someone to take notes, improving productivity before, during, and after meetings.
  • Shorter meetings: AI assistants are flexible, attending meetings on your behalf and offering summaries for absentees.
  • Lightened mental load: Passing tasks to AI assistants eases mental strain and helps prevent burnout.
  • Data-backed decisions: AI tools analyze meeting data for well-informed decision-making.
  • Task consistency: AI meeting assistants ensure tasks are consistently handled, freeing up team members for essential duties.
  • Improved access: AI tools enhance meeting accessibility through recording, transcribing, and closed captioning, accessible from anywhere for remote teams or frequent travelers.
  • Time efficiency: AI meeting assistants manage tasks like scheduling and note-taking, saving valuable time for meeting participants.
  • Enhanced precision: AI meeting assistants utilize advanced tech for accurate transcriptions and notes, ensuring precise meeting records.
  • Cost-effective: While hiring a human assistant can be expensive, AI meeting assistants offer a more affordable option with similar services.

Picking the Right AI Notes Generator

We scanned the market for the most popular free AI note takers and listed 6 of them with different focuses so that you can pick the best one for your team’s needs. Take a look at the table below for a quick glance at what each app is best for, platform integration options and what they offer in their free tier.

  Best for Platforms Free plan Collaboration and real-time conclusions Unlimited transcription and meeting storage. 60 minutes of real-time AI Summary. Asking questions about your meetings Zoom, Meet, Teams Up to 300 transcription minutes per month. Conversation analytics Zoom, Meet, Teams Up to 600 transcription minutes per month. Native integrations Zoom, Meet Unlimited transcription. Topic tracking Zoom, Meet, Teams, Webex, GoTo Meeting, Skype, Dialpad 800 minutes of meeting storage.
Supernormal Template customizations Zoom, Meet, Teams 1000 minutes of meeting storage.
AI Note Generators at a Glance

For in depth guides on these apps and how to use them, check out our articles on how to use for meeting notes in 2024 and our in-depth comparison with, an AI note taker for Teams. In this article, we’ll be focusing on how to automate your meeting notes with

How to Automate Meeting Notes with (6 easy steps) is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to revolutionize meeting experiences. By offering real-time voice transcription and AI-driven summaries, it effortlessly captures key points, decisions, and actions during meetings.

This platform encourages collaborative note-taking, allowing teams to prepare agendas together and edit notes simultaneously as discussions unfold. With features like AI Copilot for agenda planning and Meeting Notebooks for organizing records from recurrent meetings, streamlines workflows, enhances productivity, and ensures no critical information is missed. It’s an essential tool for teams looking to optimize their meeting efficiency and collaborative efforts.

Here’s how to use Huddles for automated meeting notes:

Step 1: Sign up

Click on “Get started” or “Sign up” on our home page to sign up. Currently, we only support signing up with Google.

Step 2: Create a meeting note

To start a new meeting note, click “New meeting note” and configure basic settings. Once you’re done, click “create”. You will be starting with a blank note document, but you can invite your team to co-build the meeting agenda.

Alternatively, you can create a meeting note with our AI copilot by clicking “AI generate agenda”. Just describe your meeting to our AI and a custom agenda will be generated for you. Click “Use template” to apply it.

Step 3: Start transcription & AI summary

Once you’re ready to start the meeting, click on “Start” to enable transcription & AI-powered summary. This allows our AI to transcribe your meeting and generate conclusions in real time.

Step 4: Add conclusions to your meeting note

Once conclusions are generated, you can add anything noteworthy to the main note with just one click. These conclusions are sorted by type for easy review.

Step 5: Share your meeting note

At the end of your meeting, you can turn your notes into formal meeting minutes by clicking on “Summary” in the drop-down menu next to “Share”. Then, you’ll get a neat and organized set of meeting minutes which can be downloaded or sent in whichever format you prefer.

Step 6: Review notes in your meeting notebook

Meeting notes of recurring meetings are compiled in the same meeting notebook so you can easily review conclusions in the same context. Access your notebooks on the side menu on our homepage.

Use Cases

  • Weekly Team Meetings: simplifies weekly catch-ups by providing real-time transcriptions and summarizing key discussions, ensuring every member stays on the same page without needing to jot down every word.
  • Daily Standups: For quick daily updates, the app streamlines the process by capturing essential tasks and progress, allowing teams to maintain focus and momentum.
  • One-on-One Meetings: Enhance individual meetings with tailored summaries and action items, making follow-ups straightforward and productive.
  • Retrospective Meetings: Utilize the app to reflect on project phases, identifying successes and areas for improvement through structured notes and collaborative feedback.
  • Decision-Making Meetings: Facilitate critical decision-making with clear documentation of arguments and resolutions, streamlining the consensus process.
  • OKR Meetings: Set and review objectives and key results efficiently with, keeping everyone aligned with the company’s goals through structured note-taking and easy access to past discussions.

All of these meetings are available in Huddles’ template gallery, which you can easily apply and tweak according to your needs. 


In this article, we introduced what AI notes generators are, presented an overview of the best AI note takers on the market for different purposes, and specific steps on how to use, a free AI note taker in order to automatically generate meeting notes. We offered solutions to getting free meeting summaries with an AI companion.

Even in the free tier, Huddles offers a host of useful features such as AI agenda-building, voice transcription, real-time AI summary, collaborative editing, meeting recap, meeting notebooks and so on, all of which facilitate seamless and effective team collaboration for efficient and effortless meeting notes.

If these sound good to you, why not give a try? We look forward to having you onboard!

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