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Meeting agenda software to save prep time

Build meeting agendas collaboratively or generate tailored meeting agendas instantly with our AI meeting copilot. Huddles is the meeting agenda app your team will love.

Instant 3-min trial, no sign-up needed.

Maximizing team engagement

Ever been in meetings where everyone seems clueless about the agenda or just aren’t interested? To solve this problem, involve them in creating the meeting agenda!

Huddles is a meeting agenda software that supports collaborative agenda creation, enabling everyone to build and edit meeting agendas together in a shared live document. This meeting agenda app turns leader’s meetings to everyone’s meetings.

Personalized agenda in seconds

Looking for a personalized meeting agenda without the hassle of planning every aspect or spending time on formatting? Let our AI agenda creator do the work for you!

Simply interact with our AI assistant, and it will quickly create an AI generated meeting agenda tailored to your requirements. This will save you lots of prep time in the long run.

Precious preparation time saved

It would be such a waste if your team put in a lot of effort to create an agenda that’s only used once.

With Huddles, you can save meeting agendas as templates for future use. And of course, you can make changes as necessary. Having a starting point just makes things simpler.

“Huddles ensures every meeting yields results! The clearly sorted conclusions simplify understanding for everyone and make follow-ups a breeze. “

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Antonio Berton

Founder & CEO

Huddles, your smart meeting notes