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Automated notes with AI meeting note taker

Huddles’s auto notes taker writes meeting notes in real time based on your voice transcript so you can focus your attention on what matters.

Instant 3-min trial, no sign-up required.

huddles ai note taker

Automated meeting notes, in real time

A true auto note taker app should take notes in real time, like a human does! Enter the era of AI note taking.

Huddles summarizes your transcript, generating automatic notes every 6 seconds. Take advantage of conclusions as they are drawn to help push meetings forward with direction.

huddles automated note taking

Enhanced meeting notes with crystal clear outcomes

With Huddles’ AI note taking, notes are not just automatically generated, they are labeled into different types – key points, decisions, action items, policies and more.

This is like taking notes in different coloured pens for your physical notes so that you have a clear view of what was achieved.

Seamless integration with the apps you use

Switching from one app to another can be very inconvenient and expensive for a team. Luckily, Huddles is an addition rather than a replacement.

Huddles’ automatic meeting note taker can be used alongside your favourite video conference apps. Use this auto notes taker for Google Meet and Zoom to auto generate meeting minutes.

“Huddles ensures every meeting yields results! The clearly sorted conclusions simplify understanding for everyone and make follow-ups a breeze. “

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Antonio Berton

Founder & CEO

Huddles, your smart meeting notes