AI meeting summary tool

AI meeting summary tool for meeting minutes

Huddles is an AI app for meeting minutes that creates summaries after every meeting for easy sharing with everyone, including absentees. Say goodbye to unproductive meetings.

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Formal meeting minutes in an instant

When it comes to yielding outcomes from meetings, nothing works better than a clear, organized set of meeting minutes. 

Huddles’ AI meeting summary tool allows you to export meeting summaries in standard format so your outcomes can be presented formally.

Automatic, real-time summary

Most AI apps for meeting minutes give you a meeting summary minutes after your meeting ends. 

With Huddles, meeting minutes are generated in real time as your meeting progresses, automatically. When your meeting ends, your meeting minutes is instantly ready, with no waiting time needed.

Categorized outcomes for clear review

It is a pain to brief absentees on what they missed. A clear set of meeting minutes works miles better than your words.

Huddles’ AI meeting summary tool generates meeting summaries automatically and sends it automatically to everyone relevant.

“Huddles ensures every meeting yields results! The clearly sorted conclusions simplify understanding for everyone and make follow-ups a breeze. “

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Antonio Berton

Founder & CEO

Huddles, your smart meeting notes