Meeting timer

Stay on schedule with Huddles meeting timer

Huddles’ meeting agenda timer enables you to set a time limit on each discussion topic so that you never spend more time than planned.

Instant 3-min trial, no sign-up needed.

End every single meeting on time

Our meeting transcription software uses the latest AI transcription models from top providers like Microsoft, AliCloud, Symbl, Deepgram, and others, giving you a range of options to select from to generate free AI transcription.

Keep your discussions precisely focused

Meetings become messy if you discuss multiple matters all at once.

In trying to keep discussions within the meeting timer’s limits, Huddles encourages you to discuss only what’s relevant, keeping your discussions precisely focused.

Never go off topic, ever

We all know that one person who tends to go off topic, and sometimes even timers don’t work.

That’s why Huddles has a off-topic reminder feature which allows any attendee to trigger a pop up window, reminding the speaker that he’s drifting off topic in a lighthearted but effective way.

“Huddles ensures every meeting yields results! The clearly sorted conclusions simplify understanding for everyone and make follow-ups a breeze. “

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Antonio Berton

Founder & CEO

Huddles, your smart meeting notes