AI meeting transcription

Meeting transcription app to free your attention

Huddle’s free AI transcription feature records discussions word by word for focused meetings and easy reference later.

Instant 3-min trial, no sign-up required.

Perfectly accurate meeting transcripts

Ever tried a transcription service and it completely messed up what you were saying? We feel your frustration. With Huddles, that won’t be an issue.

Our meeting transcription software uses the latest AI transcription models from top providers like Microsoft, AliCloud, Symbl, Deepgram, and others, giving you a range of options to select from to generate the most accurate free AI transcription, even when the input is unclear.

huddles language support

Meet with any team from anywhere

Transcription is a pretty common feature these days. Many video call apps have it included. However, you’ll often see that they only work with English.

Huddle’s free AI transcription tool can convert speech from over 50 languages, even handling mixed languages, so you can document conversations in any language with teams worldwide.

Meeting transcripts securely stored

While meeting transcription is useful, the last thing you want is to have it at the cost of your company’s private data.

We save meeting transcripts on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and routinely create backups to avoid any data loss. Our meeting transcription app prioritizes privacy, providing users access only to their relevant data.

“Huddles ensures every meeting yields results! The clearly sorted conclusions simplify understanding for everyone and make follow-ups a breeze. “

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Antonio Berton

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