Top 10 Free AI Note Takers in 2024

Top 10 Free AI Note Takers in 2024

Meetings consume a significant amount of resources, and without concluding with a set of meeting notes, they may not be very productive. Creating meeting notes also requires a considerable investment of resources, involving assigning a specific person to take notes and time to compile them after the meeting.

With the current advancements in AI technology, AI that takes notes for you can address these challenges, saving you a substantial amount of money by automating the entire process – and often performing even better than humans! Today, let’s explore the top 10 free AI note takers in 2024 and determine which one is the best fit for your team.

What are AI Note Takers?

AI note takers are tools created to boost efficiency by utilizing AI and machine learning to simplify note taking by taking over transcription and generating summaries automatically in order to facilitate productive meetings. Functionalities vary between different AI note takers, but the most advanced note takers can create a meeting summary with AI companion, without you having to lift a finger. 

They are commonly linked with well-known meeting platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. These note takers use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand and engage with human language, making them highly effective and productive.

What to Look for in an AI Note Taker


It’s natural to be worried about how accurate AI meeting assistants are in creating meeting notes. After all, the whole point is to make your job easier, so they better be spot-on, right?

In our testing of various AI note-taking tools, we’ve discovered that the majority available today are surprisingly accurate. Many of them use similar transcription models and employ ChatGPT for summarizing meetings. However, each app is tailored for specific purposes. For instance, is designed for meeting contexts, optimizing ChatGPT prompts for summarizing within that setting.

If you need note-taking in an educational setting, a different app might be more suitable. At the very least, I can confidently say that most note-taking tools on the market excel at voice transcription, often surpassing human capabilities. Here are results of a transcription test we’ve done:

I tested’s transcription with voice input from Huddle’s intro video on YouTube. The script was read at a pretty fast speed in a quiet environment:

Hi everyone, I’m Fiona, the founder of Huddles, an AI-powered note taking tool made specifically for meetings. With Huddles, you can create organized meeting notes efficiently and effortlessly. Now, let me show you how it works.

As you can see, the main section on the left is where you take your meeting notes. It is a note document where you can type in text, insert images, tables, and attachments.

On the right is where all the AI magic happens. Just click on the start button, and AI will generate conclusions based on your voice transcript in real time. You can add anything noteworthy to the main note with just one click.

And here are the results:

As you can see, there were only a few slight errors in punctuation and capitalization. With this level of accuracy, it should be enough to keep track of what’s been said in meetings or to have a record of your thoughts. It managed to capture every single word, which is a huge advantage over manual note-taking, because let’s face it, our memories aren’t always the most reliable when it comes to recalling all the nitty-gritty details.

Privacy & Security

When considering AI note-taking tools, privacy and security are valid concerns, especially if you plan to integrate one into your team or company’s workflow. Therefore, it’s crucial to review the privacy policy of an AI note-taking tool before adopting it. Most AI note-taking tools prioritize privacy and security given the nature of their services, and Huddles is no different.

Huddles implements significant measures to safeguard user data. Customer information is stored on Amazon Web Services (AWS) with regular backups to prevent data loss. Each Huddles user can access only the data relevant to them.

For businesses, we can arrange privacy agreements to maintain the confidentiality of your information. These agreements often include Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) or Data Processing Agreements (DPAs) to protect sensitive data.


Different AI note-taking tools have varying focuses and are tailored for different purposes and settings, offering a range of features. However, these features are commonly found in most AI note-taking tools available on the market:

  • Voice-to-text transcription: AI note-taking tools can convert spoken words into text in real time. Advanced transcription models use AI to leverage context and language databases, ensuring accurate transcriptions. Some services even include speaker identification.
  • AI meeting summaries: Many AI note-taking tools generate a summary of meetings based on the transcript, providing a concise overview of discussions and any conclusions reached. In addition, offers a real-time AI summary feature, delivering insights as the meeting progresses, enabling immediate utilization of conclusions.
  • Collaborative editing: Most AI note-taking tools support collaborative editing, allowing team members to work together simultaneously and view each other’s edits in real time. This fosters teamwork and ensures that meeting minutes reflect everyone’s contributions.
  • Scheduling: Since many AI note-taking tools are used for meetings or lectures, they often integrate with calendars, automatically creating meeting notes for specific time frames and scheduling recurring meetings weekly or monthly. This simplifies the process of setting up and organizing meeting notes.
  • Sharing: Meeting notes are valuable resources that should be easily shared with team members, particularly for briefing those unable to attend. Most AI note-taking tools facilitate seamless sharing via email, PDF downloads, or integration with platforms like Slack and Teams.

1. is an advanced free AI note taker aimed at transforming the way meetings are conducted. By providing instant voice-to-text transcription and AI-generated summaries, it effortlessly captures essential points, decisions, and tasks discussed during meetings. This platform promotes teamwork in note-taking, enabling teams to collaboratively create agendas and edit notes together in real time as conversations progress.

Equipped with features like AI Copilot for agenda creation and Meeting Notebooks for organizing recurring meeting records, streamlines processes, boosts efficiency, and ensures that no crucial details slip through the cracks. It serves as a vital resource for teams seeking to enhance their meeting effectiveness and collaborative endeavors.


  • Collaborative capabilities: Huddles’ meeting notes are dynamic documents that allow full interaction and collaboration. Simply invite your team, and everyone can contribute to building agendas or crafting meeting notes together in real time.
  • Comprehensive web-based interface: Huddles offers a robust web-based platform optimized for team collaboration, incorporating essential features for intelligent assistance.
  • Real-time AI Summaries: Huddles instantly extracts key points from your discussions. Unlike many other AI meeting note-taking tools that generate summaries post-meeting, Huddles enables you to leverage insights as they unfold.


  • Limited integration options (currently): operates solely through a web-based interface, which we believe is ideal for collaborative note-taking. However, we are actively working on solutions to enable integrations without compromising collaboration. Stay tuned for updates!


Otter is an AI application designed for meetings that utilizes artificial intelligence to convert spoken audio into written transcripts. While primarily intended for meetings, Otter can also be useful for interviews and lectures.


  • Straightforward and focused: is a transcription tool that performs its task effectively, featuring a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Supports transcription of both uploaded audio and video files: In addition to transcribing live conversations, Otter allows you to transcribe prerecorded discussions as well.
  • Question-based interaction for meeting transcripts: Instead of going through the entire transcript, you can simply ask OtterPilot questions, and it will provide accurate responses.


  • Difficulty transcribing technical jargon

3. is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance meeting efficiency by automatically transcribing, analyzing, and tracking action items. It caters to professionals looking to streamline meeting notes and extract valuable insights. With its advanced features and competitive pricing, has emerged as a valuable asset for businesses aiming to enhance their operations.


  • Comprehensive metrics and analytics: Monitored metrics include the use of filler words (“um,” “uh,” “like,” “you know,” “so,” “actually,” etc.), average speaking speed, speaking time per individual, and more.
  • Video playback function: Read provides a video playback feature that showcases crucial moments based on engagement, offering a convenient way to revisit key parts of the discussion.


  • Difficult to completely remove: has a reputation for persisting in meetings even after removal, leading to frustration for many companies. Refer to our separate guide on removing for assistance.


Fellow is a comprehensive AI meeting platform that provides advanced note-taking features, enables action item assignments, and incorporates an AI meeting assistant. The Fellow AI Meeting Copilot records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings, simplifying the process of reviewing past discussions, catching up on missed points, and finding answers to any queries.


  • Wide array of meeting templates: Fellow is renowned for offering a diverse selection of professional meeting templates that can be utilized for your meetings.
  • Built-in integrations.


  • Does not retain complete transcripts: Fellow does not retain full transcripts of your meetings. If you need a detailed record of all your conversations, you will need to explore other solutions.


Overview: is a meeting app that assists in converting your meetings into written transcripts. In addition to transcribing, can also help you discover valuable meeting insights, facilitating streamlined meeting processes and improved collaboration.


  • Topic tracking: Fireflies’ AI-driven search enables you to sift through past meetings to locate content related to specific topics.
  • Generative AI features (AskFred): Fireflies’ Fred provides robust generative capabilities like agenda creation.
  • Ability to automatically send meeting summaries


  • Cluttered layout: Despite Fireflies offering a wide range of features and enhancements, we have observed the interface to be overwhelming and bloated.

6. Supernormal

Supernormal is an AI note taker for Teams. With Supernormal, you have the option to set it up for automatic integration in all meetings or invite the bot as needed.


  • Extremely customizable templates: Supernormal offers high levels of customization, allowing users to design templates that suit their individual note-taking preferences.


  • Free plan utilizes ChatGPT 3.5

7. Notta

Notta is an AI note-taking tool that turns conversations into written text with collaboration features. You can utilize Notta to automatically transcribe and condense your meetings or interviews into useful text, allowing you to concentrate on listening and decision-making.


  • Filler Word Removal: Notta streamlines your notes by automatically eliminating filler words, ensuring that your transcripts are concise and focused on essential content.
  • Speaker Recognition: With speaker recognition capabilities, Notta accurately identifies and labels speakers in the conversation, making it easier for you to track who said what during meetings or interviews.
  • Custom Vocabulary in Japanese: Notta offers the flexibility to incorporate custom vocabulary in Japanese, allowing users to tailor the transcription process to specific terminology or industry jargon, enhancing accuracy and relevance in Japanese-language transcripts.


8. Avoma


  • Avoma is a free AI note taker catering specifically to the needs of customer-facing teams. Its AI capabilities facilitate the capture and processing of vital customer interactions, effectively providing assistance before, during, and after meetings. It offers tools such as real-time note-taking with time stamping and contextual linking to the recording of the meeting that can easily be heard later, with live dialers that help you not get distracted during the conversation.
  • Pros:
  • One of the most comprehensive meeting solutions
  • User-friendly, adaptable to our requirements, flexible, and visually appealing
  • Video playback functionality
  • End-to-end security ensuring the protection of all our data
  • Cons:
  • Inaccurate speaker identification

9. Fathom

Fathom is a free Zoom application that records, transcribes, and emphasizes the important parts of your Zoom calls, allowing you to concentrate on the discussion rather than note-taking.


  • Instant spreadsheets and financial reports
  • Integration with Xero


  • The desktop app is super invasive and once you download and install (with connection to Zoom), offloading is nearly impossible.

10. Hypercontext

Hypercontext is a software platform created to assist managers in leading more effective meetings, providing feedback, and monitoring goals. Its main features include:

  • Working together on meeting agendas
  • Taking shared notes
  • Tracking next steps
  • Managing OKRs and goals
  • Conducting performance reviews
  • Providing team analytics and reports

The platform strives to enhance communication, responsibility, and coordination among teams. It is compatible with a range of tools such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace.


  • Recommends helpful talking points depending on the type of meeting; inbuilt templates
  • Clean and organized interface
  • Has a mobile app so you don’t have to be on your computer to use it. 


  • A lot of pop ups which could disrupt workflow

Key Takeaways

In this article, we presented 10 leading AI note-taking tools in 2024, providing an overview of each along with their pros and cons to assist you in selecting the most suitable one for your team’s requirements. Each application comes with distinctive features, highlighting the notion that what one person may disregard, another may value highly.

It’s crucial to choose the optimal tool based on your team’s specific needs. We suggest trying them firsthand before making a decision, as many of them offer extensive functionality in their free versions.

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