Google Meet AI Notetaker: 10 Apps for Automated Notes

Google Meet AI Notetaker: 10 Apps for Automated Notes

When it comes to transcribing speech into text, even the most efficient human note-takers can’t compete with machines. Manual note-taking diverts valuable attention from important tasks, ultimately leading to significant costs for businesses.

While video conferencing platforms like Google Meet offer basic transcription features, they may not meet all your needs. If you want to improve your note-taking process, consider using a specialized AI-powered note-taking app.

This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a reliable video call platform along with advanced meeting notes. Continue reading to explore the top AI note takers for Google Meet, making it easy for your team to generate meeting notes seamlessly and effectively. Let’s get started.

Why automate note taking?

  1. Boost productivity: Automated tools eliminate manual note-taking, allowing your team members to focus on adding value. AI-driven resources can capture every detail more reliably than humans.
  2. Improved efficiency: AI meeting tools automatically take and organize notes, making the post-meeting process more efficient. Absent employees can quickly catch up by referring to the meeting minutes.
  3. Enhanced accuracy: Human notetakers may miss details or misunderstand speech, especially during fast-paced discussions. Automated note-taking reduces errors by transcribing meetings verbatim—just remember to review AI-generated notes after the call for accuracy.
  4. Instant access: Automated tools centralize notes, enabling team members to access transcriptions and action items from anywhere. This feature is particularly useful during back-to-back meetings when you need to review information before the next call.
  5. Enhanced concentration: With automated note-taking handling the task, team members can focus on actively participating in discussions rather than juggling note-taking, speaking, and updating agendas.
  6. Consistent documentation: Automated note-taking ensures consistent and thorough documentation of meetings, reducing the risk of important details being overlooked or forgotten. This helps maintain a reliable record of discussions and decisions for future reference.
  7. Collaboration facilitation: By providing a shared platform for notes and action items, automated tools promote collaboration among team members. Everyone has access to the same information, fostering transparency, alignment, and accountability within the team.

How to optimize AI notetaking with Google Meet

Here are some best practices to optimize notetaking with

  1. Activate automatic transcription: Ensure that the automatic transcription feature is activated in your AI Meeting Assistant to capture all meeting discussions accurately. This feature creates a searchable record of conversations, making it easier to reference decisions and share action items with team members.
  2. Conduct meetings in quiet settings: Background noises such as traffic or fans can disrupt AI transcriptions, leading to less accurate notes. Hold your meetings in quiet environments, such as conference rooms, and encourage team members to do the same for better transcription quality.
  3. Collaborative agenda building: Invite teammates to collaborate on building meeting agendas in This practice promotes inclusivity and ensures that all relevant topics are covered during discussions.
  4. Collaborative notetaking: Encourage collaborative notetaking in, where team members can contribute to and edit meeting notes in real-time. This fosters teamwork and accuracy in capturing key points and action items.
  5. Utilize meeting notebooks: Review notes in meeting notebooks within, which collect notes from recurring meetings and provide an overview of conclusions reached over time. This feature helps track progress and maintain continuity in discussions.

How to use AI note taking in Google Meet

The best way to get Google Meet AI summaries is to use it alongside, a specialized AI-powered note-taking app for Google Meet. Simply follow these steps:

Step 1:

Log in to on your computer. Once you’re signed in, click on “create new meeting note”. A pop-up window will appear. Click “create” once you’re done with configuration.

Once you’ve opened up a meeting note and your meeting on Google Meet is about to start, click on “start” on the right side of Huddles’ interface to begin AI note-taking.

Add any AI-generated conclusions to your meeting note by clicking on it. In our future updates, you will have the option to fully automate this process.

Once the meeting ends, click on export summary near the top right of the interface for a set of meeting minutes, instantly ready for sharing.

10 best AI note takers for Google Meet

1. is an advanced free AI note taker aimed at transforming the way meetings are conducted. By providing instant voice-to-text transcription and AI-generated summaries, it effortlessly captures essential points, decisions, and tasks discussed during meetings.

This platform promotes teamwork in note-taking, enabling teams to collaboratively create agendas and edit notes together in real time as conversations progress.

Key features:

  • Collaborative agenda-building: Invite your team members to collaborate on creating the agenda in real-time on a shared document.
  • Collaborative notetaking: Work together to produce meeting minutes in real-time on the same platform.
  • AI Copilot: An AI assistant for meetings that aids in creating smart agendas, answering questions, or addressing inquiries related to current or past meetings.
  • Voice-to-text transcription: Converts spoken input into editable text, providing a comprehensive record of the discussion.
  • AI-powered automated notes: Using the voice transcript, AI generates notes in real-time during the meeting, clearly labeling different outcomes such as decisions and action items.
  • AI meeting minutes: Once the meeting concludes, you receive a formal set of meeting minutes ready for sharing.
  • Collaborative capabilities: Huddles’ meeting notes are dynamic documents that allow full interaction and collaboration. Simply invite your team, and everyone can contribute to building agendas or crafting meeting notes together in real time.
  • Comprehensive web-based interface: Huddles offers a robust web-based platform optimized for team collaboration, incorporating essential features for intelligent assistance.
  • Real-time AI Summaries: Huddles instantly extracts key points from your discussions. Unlike many other AI meeting note-taking tools that generate summaries post-meeting, Huddles enables you to leverage insights as they unfold.


  • Limited integration options (currently): operates solely through a web-based interface, which we believe is ideal for collaborative note-taking. However, we are actively working on solutions to enable integrations without compromising collaboration. Stay tuned for updates!


Otter is a Google Meet AI note taker app designed for meetings that uses artificial intelligence to convert spoken audio into written transcripts. While its main purpose is for meetings, Otter can also be handy for interviews and lectures.


  • Simple and focused: is a transcription tool that efficiently carries out its function, featuring an easy-to-use and intuitive interface.
  • Supports both uploaded audio and video files: Besides transcribing live discussions, Otter enables you to transcribe pre-recorded conversations as well.
  • Question-based interaction: Instead of reviewing the entire transcript, you can ask OtterPilot specific questions, and it will provide accurate answers.


  • Struggles with transcribing technical terms or specialized jargon

3. is an AI note taker for Google Meet designed to boost meeting efficiency by automatically transcribing, analyzing, and tracking action items.

It caters to professionals seeking to streamline meeting notes and extract valuable insights. With its advanced features and competitive pricing, has become a valuable asset for Google Meet AI summary.


  • Comprehensive analytics: Monitored metrics include the use of filler words (“um,” “uh,” “like,” “you know,” “so,” “actually,” etc.), average speaking speed, speaking time per individual, and more.


  • Difficult to completely remove: has a reputation for persisting in meetings even after removal, leading to frustration for many companies. Refer to our separate guide on removing for assistance.


Overview: is a meeting app that assists in converting your meetings into written transcripts.

In addition to transcribing, can also help you generate Google Meet AI summaries, discover valuable meeting insights, facilitating streamlined meeting processes and improved collaboration.


  • Generative AI features (AskFred): Fireflies’ Fred offers robust generative capabilities like agenda creation.
  • Topic tracking: Fireflies’ AI-driven search allows you to sift through past meetings to find content related to specific topics.


  • Cluttered interface: Despite offering a wide range of features and enhancements, the interface can be overwhelming and bloated.


Fellow is a comprehensive AI meeting platform that provides advanced note-taking features, enables action item assignments, and incorporates an AI meeting assistant.

The Fellow AI Meeting Copilot records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings, simplifying the process of reviewing past discussions, catching up on missed points, and finding answers to any queries. With, you can easily get Google Meet summaries with AI.


  • Built-in integrations.
  • Diverse selection of meeting templates: Fellow is known for its variety of professional meeting templates that can be used for your meetings.


  • Does not retain full meeting transcripts: you may need to explore other solutions for detailed records.

6. Supernormal

Supernormal is an AI note taker for Teams and Google Meet. With Supernormal, you have the option to set it up for automatic integration in all meetings or invite the bot as needed. They are a good solution for easy Google Meet AI summaries.


  • Highly customizable templates: Supernormal allows for extensive customization, enabling users to create templates that match their note-taking preferences.


  • Free plan utilizes ChatGPT 3.5

7. Avoma

Avoma is a free AI note taker for Google Meet tailored for customer-facing teams. Its AI capabilities assist in capturing and processing crucial customer interactions, providing support before, during, and after meetings.

It offers features such as real-time note-taking with time stamping and contextual linking to meeting recordings for easy reference, along with live dialers to help you stay focused during conversations.


  • Video playback functionality: Avoma offers a convenient video playback feature, allowing users to revisit meeting recordings for clarification and review.
  • End-to-end security for data protection: Users can rely on robust end-to-end encryption to ensure the security and confidentiality of their meeting data.
  • Comprehensive meeting solutions: Avoma provides a wide array of tools and features to support various aspects of meetings, from agenda creation to note-taking and action item tracking.
  • User-friendly and visually appealing interface: With an intuitive design, Avoma offers a visually appealing interface that enhances user experience and facilitates seamless collaboration.


  • Inaccurate speaker identification: One limitation is the occasional inaccuracy in speaker identification during meetings on Avoma, which can lead to confusion and potentially impact communication clarity.

8. Notta

Notta is a Google Meet AI note taker that turns conversations into written text with collaboration features.

You can utilize Notta to automatically transcribe and condense your meetings or interviews into useful text, allowing you to concentrate on listening and decision-making.


  • Filler Word Removal: Notta streamlines your notes by automatically eliminating filler words, ensuring that your transcripts are concise and focused on essential content.
  • Speaker Recognition: With speaker recognition capabilities, Notta accurately identifies and labels speakers in the conversation, making it easier for you to track who said what during meetings or interviews.
  • Custom Vocabulary in Japanese: Notta offers the flexibility to incorporate custom vocabulary in Japanese, allowing users to tailor the transcription process to specific terminology or industry jargon, enhancing accuracy and relevance in Japanese-language transcripts.


9. Fathom

Fathom is a free Zoom application that records, transcribes, and emphasizes the important parts of your Zoom calls, allowing you to concentrate on the discussion rather than note-taking.


  • Instant spreadsheets and financial reports
  • Integration with Xero


  • Hard to remove: The desktop app is super invasive and once you download and install (with connection to Zoom), offloading is nearly impossible.

10. Hypercontext

Previously known as Soapbox, Hypercontext is a platform designed to help managers lead more effective meetings, provide feedback, and track goals. Its features include working on meeting agendas, taking shared notes, tracking next steps, managing OKRs and goals, conducting performance reviews, and offering team analytics and reports. The platform aims to improve communication, accountability, and coordination among teams and is compatible with tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Workspace.


  • Clean and organized interface
  • Suggests talking points based on meeting type with built-in templates
  • Mobile app for convenience


  • Frequent pop-ups that may disrupt workflow.

Enhance collaboration with Huddles is a dynamic platform designed to streamline your team’s collaboration efforts. By integrating Huddles into your workflow, you can boost productivity and communication within your remote and in-person meetings.

With features such as real-time note-taking, agenda building, action item tracking, and meeting summaries, Huddles offers a comprehensive solution for effective meeting management. Experience the benefits of seamless collaboration and enhanced teamwork with Huddles. Try Huddles today for more productive and engaging meetings.

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