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How do I turn on AI notes in a team

How do I turn on AI notes in a team

In Teams, in your meeting options under the specific meeting, locate the AI recap section -> Click enable .

Unlocking AI note-taking features in Teams

Teams have become an inseparable tool in organizations over time. With the implementation of AI note-taking features, the platform is going to change the way we manage meetings.

How do I turn on AI notes in a team

How to Enable AI Recap in Teams Premium

At first sight, T Teams premium’s AI Recap function may seem ordinary, but it uses advanced AI algorithms to produce summarized meeting information, conclusions, and action items instead of typing manually. The subscription is available with a monthly cost per a user of Teams Premium. Competitive plans are for 10$ per user each month with AI recaps, advanced meeting protections, and webinar functions. Teams offer a 15%-discount if such plans are purchased for one year.

Benefits of Running AI Recap

The use of AI recap generates summaries of meetings that are fully precise, to the point, including highlights of discussions and decisions made. Variable-format summaries help the important stakeholders and participants get back right on track to work.

How to Install Third-party AI Note Extensions

With the new AI systems for note-taking, Teams users can also install third-party AI note-taking extensions on the platform, such as Tactiq or Tactiq generates automatic transcriptions, while performs sentiment analysis. Integration is simple and is made using the Teams App store. Costs differ, as some feature free plans, while others cost a minimum of 15$ per month. Such a solution is oriented on organizations seeking to use AI for note-taking services with a specifically tailored services plan.

Standard AI Recap Functions

Teammates who use Teams free can use standard recap features, as Teams additionally offer recording, transcription, and chat saving features. The services that do not charge extra fees are provided with a safe location on Microsoft OneDrive or SharePoint. Not a single transcript typed by hand will match an AI-designed one, and third-party AI not-taking tools allow to adjust functions to a business’s own needs.

Step-by-Step Guide: Intelligent Meeting Assistance

Intelligent Meeting Assistance in Microsoft Teams is an AI feature that transforms how meetings are held, summarized, and reviewed. This guide outlines how set up and use AI features to make the meeting experience much productive.

Navigate to Recap Settings

The first step is to find the Recap Settings in the Teams interface. It is located in the Meeting Options of any scheduled meeting. The organizer of the meeting can use these settings to enable the AI features, such as the meeting recaps and transcriptions. Luckily, the basic recap settings are available at no extra cost, making it a useful tool for every Teams user.

Open your Teams calendar and locate the scheduled meeting.

Click on the “Meeting Options” to access the settings.

Go to the “Recap” category and adjust to your preferences.

Activate the Transcription for AI Recap

The AI Recap section is the core component of the tool, capturing the essence of the meetings. Transcription is the most important feature, which means recording the spoken words and creating a comprehensive written version of the meeting.

In the “Recap Settings,” locate the “Transcription” toggle and activate it.

After enabling, the meeting will be transcription in live mode, and the transcript will be available shortly after the end.

Note: The quality of transcription is subject to the quality of the audio, speaker’s accent, and useful properties in the hardware of the participants. The system requires at least 10 Mbps for the application to perform optimally.

Use the AI-Generated Meeting Insights

These insights are the AI’s interpretation of the meeting content, turning it into few key points, and providing the meaning. After the meeting, use the “Meeting Chat,” where a link to the “Recap” will be posted.

Click on the link and scroll down the page, where the transcription, meeting recording, and insights will be placed.

Time saved: This feature saves a lot of time as users do not have to write the summary or meeting minutes. However, users should remember that not all AI insights are correct because the AI’s interpretation is not always relevant.

Benefits of Microsoft Teams Premium

Teams premium offers benefits on top of the standard offering by leveraging cutting-edge AI to improve meeting management, boost productivity and enhance privacy. This comprehensive solution meets the requirements of a state-of-the-art workplace through succinct insights, automation and customization.

Enhanced Meeting Intelligence

Teams Premium utilizes advanced AI to improve meeting intelligence. Meeting partners can rest assured that their digital and in-person interactions are more fruitful while at the same time more secure. Privacy features include end-to-end encryption of all conversations which ensures that data is safe.

Cost Efficiency: For businesses, the solution is cost-effective in the sense that they do not have to pay for third-party security tools or remote servers. The Teams Premium is a comprehensive solution that is robust and more cost-efficient in the medium and long term. I would pay approximately 10 dollars , which is a competitive price given the value added.

Security and Compliance: Teams Premium has the added benefit of extra security features as it complies with international regulations. It has been in operation long enough to be integrated into any existing IT ecosystem.

Automated Note-taking for Enhanced Productivity

AI-led note-taking means that participants do not waste time during the meeting by taking minutes. Furthermore, the machine does not forget or miss any action points. More importantly, automation enables partners to focus on the task rather than technical concerns and meeting objectives. In addition, AI-generated tasks integrated with Microsoft Planner simplify the tracking of follow-ups during a subsequent meeting by participants.

Personalized Recap with Speaker Markers

The AI-led software provides a recap of the meeting events that are relevant to the role of a respective participant. In large scale meetings, it is usually difficult to follow who is saying what and in which context. The Speaker Markers ensure that such recaps are as accurate and comprehensive as possible. Whether we have a virtual or in-person meeting, the final recap of each meeting can save the individual 30 minutes in terms of reviewing the meeting.

Personalized Recap with Speaker Markers

Streamlining Meetings with Tactiq and Read AI

In the age of digital transformation, integration of AI tools like Tactiq and Read AI to Microsoft Teams is changing the way meetings are conducted, documented, and viewed. The external AI tools have unique features that improve productivity, understanding, and management of information, mitigating overburden of meetings and dispersal of information.

Integration of External AI Tools with Teams

Integration of external AI tools such as Tactiq and Read AI to Teams is easy, meaning that users can use these AI tools without exiting the Teams environment . Seamless integration facilitates real-time transcription and analysis of the meeting, improving the efficiency of the meetings through provision of the summaries or action points.

Cost and Subscription

Although Microsoft Teams offers numerous functionalities within the Teams’ platform, using Tactiq and Read AI involves additional subscription costs . Tactiq is offered at a monthly subscription of $10, where one can get unlimited transcriptions and integrations to other productivity tools . However, Read AI costs may vary based on usage and other premium features available in the AI.

Technical Requirements

To enhance the performance of these AI tools when used on Teams, one should ensure that the internet connection is stable and has a minimum speed of 10 Mbps . Configuration is simple, as the integration process involves a few clicks on the Teams’ app store or the settings of the external tools.

Maximization of Productivity in Different Apps

Teams centralization becomes the hinterland of meetings because they do not only host various Apps that improve communication, but also host other AI tools delivering meeting insights . Tactiq and Read AI specializes in creating detailed notes, action items, and summaries, increasing efficiency and ensuring that no important information is missed.

Efficiency Gains

On average, users may save 30 minutes of meeting and post-meeting time because notes are automatically delivered . Aer actions are created, they are easily transferred to project management Apps, improving workflow and meeting delivery times.

Use of AI Technologies

In the life of digital meetings, AI plays an important role in managing, prioritizing, and organizing content as people attend different meetings online. Tactiq and Read AI provide detailed information on important tasks discussed in the meeting because their algorithms do not only analyze the data, but also sentiment analysis and keyword tagging.

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