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How do you use for meeting notes

How do you use for meeting notes

How do you use for meeting notes

How do you use for meeting notes

You can use for meeting notes by recording meetings, letting Otter transcribe them, and organizing notes with tags and highlights.

Setting Up for Your Meetings

Creating an Account

Start by creating an account to use it for meeting notes. Provide an email, set a password, and you can link a social media account for quick access. offers a free plan and premium plans from $8.33 per month with more features and transcription minutes.

How do you use for meeting notes
How do you use Otterai for meeting notes

Integrating with Your Calendar

To capture meeting notes effortlessly, integrate with your calendar. This setup lets join and transcribe scheduled meetings on platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Go to settings, connect your calendar (Google Calendar, Outlook, etc.), and ensure every meeting gets recorded and transcribed.

This easy setup saves time and makes sure all meeting notes are comprehensive and accessible for review.

Capturing Meeting Notes with

Starting a Live Transcription

To begin a live transcription with, simply join a meeting and select the “Record” option within the app. starts transcribing speech to text in real-time, ensuring you capture every word. This feature works seamlessly across various meeting platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Webex, allowing for a versatile application across business environments.

Enhancing Audio Quality for Accurate Transcriptions

For to transcribe accurately, clear audio quality is crucial. Enhancing audio involves using a high-quality microphone and minimizing background noise. External microphones can significantly improve the sound quality compared to built-in laptop mics. Noise-cancelling software can also reduce background distractions, leading to clearer audio and more accurate transcriptions.

Investing in good audio equipment can vary in cost, with professional microphones ranging from $50 to $200. However, the benefit of having crystal-clear audio not only aids in better transcription but also enhances the overall meeting experience for all participants.

Managing and Sharing Meeting Notes

Editing and Organizing Transcripts in


After capturing meeting notes with, you can edit and organize transcripts for clarity and coherence. Editing features allow users to correct any transcription errors, add speaker names for clear attribution, and highlight key points for easy reference. Organizing transcripts into folders or tagging them with custom labels enables efficient information retrieval and keeps your meeting notes well-structured.

Investing time in editing and organizing transcripts can significantly enhance the utility of meeting notes, making them more accessible and useful for future reference. While offers automatic transcription, dedicating 10 to 15 minutes for review and organization post-meeting can ensure accuracy and relevance.

Sharing Meeting Notes with Team Members facilitates easy sharing of meeting notes with team members, promoting collaboration and transparency. By using the share feature, you can send transcripts directly to colleagues’ emails or share links that provide access to the notes within You also have the option to set permissions, allowing recipients to view, comment on, or edit the notes based on their needs.

Sharing meeting notes immediately after the meeting ensures that all participants have access to the discussed information, action items, and decisions. This practice supports effective team communication and helps in aligning post-meeting actions, making the collaborative effort more productive.

Advanced Features to Enhance Meeting Notes

Utilizing’s Highlight and Comment Functions

How do you use for meeting notes
How do you use Otterai for meeting notes’s highlight and comment features significantly enhance the review and collaboration process on meeting transcripts. Users can highlight key points for quick reference and add comments to clarify information or assign tasks directly within the document. This interactive layer transforms static notes into dynamic resources for team collaboration.

Engaging with these features not only clarifies meeting outcomes but also encourages active participation from team members. Spending an additional 5 to 10 minutes to highlight and comment on meeting notes can make them more actionable and informative.

Leveraging AI Summaries for Quick Insights’s AI summaries offer a concise overview of long meetings, extracting essential points and decisions. This AI-driven feature saves time by providing quick insights without the need to sift through the entire transcript. Users can access summaries to catch up on missed meetings or refresh their memory on past discussions.

Relying on AI summaries can reduce the time spent reviewing meeting notes by up to 50%, offering a streamlined way to stay informed on meeting outcomes. While AI summaries are highly effective, users may occasionally need to refer to the full transcript for detailed discussions or context.

How accurate is's transcription? boasts an accuracy rate of over 90%, leveraging advanced AI algorithms.

What is the cost of using for meeting notes? offers various pricing tiers, starting from $8.33 per month for basic features and scaling up based on usage and additional functionalities.

Can integrate with other productivity tools?

Yes, seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet for easy recording and transcription.

What is the maximum recording duration supported by allows recordings of up to 4 hours in duration for single sessions, catering to extended meetings or lectures.

Does offer real-time transcription during meetings?

Yes, provides real-time transcription during meetings, enhancing communication and facilitating instant reference to key points discussed.

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