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How do you use Otter AI in a meeting

How do you use Otter AI in a meeting

To use Otter AI in a meeting, start by joining the meeting with Otter Assistant. Enable live transcription for real-time notes and share or export the transcript afterwards.

Setting Up Otter AI for Zoom Meetings

Integration with Zoom

Otter AI can be integrated with Zoom to transcribe the content of meetings in real time. To link the Otter AI account with a Zoom account, a person needs to set up Otter AI to join a meeting and start a transcription automatically. As a result, the person and other participants can focus on the content of the meeting, while the tool completes note-taking.

How do you use Otter AI in a meeting

For this reason, Otter AI Assistant requests links to Google Calendar or Outlook and determines the time of the scheduled meeting and its participants. Then, users are only required to enable the tool to access Zoom to have the Otter Assistant join the session automatically.

Syncing Calendars with Otter Assistant

Otter Assistant takes the meeting scheduling information because it is the most efficient way to ensure that the program transcribes all meetings. As a result, a user will need to provide permission to read, write, and manage the calendar details to the Otter. After that, the tool will recognize the items on Google or Outlook calendars and display the scheduled meeting and participants ggathering.

The setting is also beneficial for the further recommendation of the tool because the integration into a scheduling management system becomes full and supports the unique scheduling feature of the tool. As a result, the Otter Assistant records all meetings and subsequently saves more time by not requesting new scheduling information every time.

Transcribing with Zoom Cloud Recordings

Otter AI allows the transcription of Zoom Cloud recordings. To use the feature, a person needs to upload the video to the tool, and the program will create the transcription. The feature is regarded as useful because the observers can access the meeting later and search for particular decisions, statements, or discussion in the meeting.

According to creators, Otter AI has an error rate of fewer than 5% when all recordings are clear and made in a quiet location. The recommendation is to adjust locations and speak clearly to achieve the best possible transcription.

Otter AI Transcription Process

Otter Assistant for Automatic Transcription

Automatic transcription by the Otter AI is a built-in service that can work in real-time to transform speech into text during the meeting. The rate of accuracy is up to 95, which depends on whether the speech is well-heard and the surrounding noise. Otter Assistant simply joins any video conference in platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet and records everything that is said. The cost is $8.33 per month for an annual subscription and includes 600 minutes of transcription. Additional minutes of transcription can be paid for when needed.

Cloud Recording Transcription Sync

Otter AI allows for automatic transcription of any meeting voice that is recorded on the cloud. After the meeting is finished and the files stored by Zoom will be uploaded and transcribed by the software. The transcription synchronous automatic record saving allows to use recordings for reports and data review, which can save tons of time for employees. This function supports all types of audio, video, and file format and harnesses the power of Zoom’s cloud. The times of transcription vary with the length, and one hour of a meeting can be transcribed in less than ten minutes.

Live Transcription Software

Live transcriptions update in reality and can be shown to viewers on their web browser or the Otter AI app. This software can be used to let people who are deaf hear the transcript live, which increases a company’s diversity and mobility for employees. Live transcription can also visualize the record for attendees and be shared in texts so employees can view the note on things that were mentioned. Otter AI synchronizes the transcription with the audio in real-time, and the record can be made available to download and alter later after the occurrence.

  • Real-time updates that can be used to speak or discuss without worrying about note-taking
  • Increased simultaneous work force of people since everyone present at the time can later review the discussion
  • Increased mobility of employees and a more inclusive automated feature


Enhancing Meeting Efficiency with

Editing and Annotation Features provides a set of features that allow users to interact with transcripts more effectively, including in terms of editing and annotating . Users can edit completed or ongoing transcripts for clarity and accuracy while also adding ‘highlights’ and inserting comments into the text.

Specifically, this can be useful in clarifying any inaccuracies in the speech-to-text processing that may occur and in emphasizing specific points in the discussion. The application also enables users to annotate specific parts of the transcript, which could include asking or answering questions, and leads to productive collaboration. Lastly, the editing feature is intuitive, meaning that it designed in a manner that is easily comprehensible, which can also be useful when new users need to refine their transcripts as well.

Sharing Options provides a number of options in terms of sharing that can be beneficial under different circumstances . Specifically, users can share a transcript with specific people or groups using either a provided link or an invitation to the application, which can also be useful in terms of privacy the context most of my meetings are confidential.

The transcripts can then be accessed by the necessary members of the team or stakeholders, but no one else. Additionally, the text could be downloaded in various formats, such as PDF, TXT, or DOCX, and integrated into another platform or application, which is both viable and beneficial in terms of collaborative work. Overall, the text can easily be shared with the right people while also facilitating communication within the team.

Cross-platform Support and Accessibility provides very good cross-platform support, meaning that users can follow the application using their favorite devices . is available on mobile systems iOS and Android and on the web, which is convenient. Additionally, the account is synchronized, meaning that the user can access the information you need through any device that has been used to access the website. Finally, can be accessed through a screen reader, and the design is accessible to work with people with disabilities.

Cross-platform Support and Accessibility

How to Make the Best of Otter AI?

First of all, Otter AI is extremely sensitive to the clarity of the audio recording. As such, for the transcription to be truly accurate and process the meetings with the maximum precision, it is crucial to use a high-quality microphone and use a quiet environment .

In practice, a well-made recording might significantly increase the accuracy of the transcription – some users report that the text will be up to 10% more accurate in the ideal conditions . Moreover, it is always recommended to talk clearly and at an average speed. If Otter AI can understand every word, it will also reduce the time spent time editing the transcript after the meeting.

How Can Otter AI Help Manage Shared Transcriptions?

On the other hand, Otter AI has several features allowing to manage the shared or uploaded transcriptions efficiently. The software allows to set permissions for viewing or editing the transcript, ensuring that only the relevant people can access it . In addition, the transcription itself can be used to highlight key points and write comments, which is especially useful when relevant information is spread across a large meeting .

In practice, it allows to save time – for example, when working on a project, a collaboration tool can be used to quickly go over the conversation and make sure that no critical information was missed .

Overall, the possibility to export the transcriptions to collation services is capable of saving teams from several hours per week per person, mostly due to the time saved on searching for relevant information and on transferring content from one place to another . In effect, teams that use Otter AI in conjunction with their existing collaboration suite perform the work 20% faster .

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