meeting agenda software

4 Best Meeting Agenda Software in 2024

meeting agenda software

4 Best Meeting Agenda Software in 2024

According to data from Gallup, 15% of a company’s time is dedicated to meetings, and senior executives spend at least 2 days a week in them even though they consider 67% of them to be unproductive.

To ensure your meetings are worthwhile, having well-prepared meeting agendas is key. In this article, we will discuss what meeting agendas are, why they matter, and introduce you to meeting agenda software, including top recommendations for 2024.

What are Meeting Agendas?

Meeting agendas are like roadmaps for meetings. They outline the topics to be discussed, their order, who’s in charge of each, and how much time is set aside for each topic.

They help keep discussions on track, manage time well, and make sure all important points are covered. To create an effective meeting agenda, you have to understand the basics, including what to include in a meeting agenda.

Why are Meeting Agendas Important?

Meeting agendas are essential as they provide structure, clarity, and focus to discussions. They help manage time efficiently, encourage participation, assign accountability, and serve as a record of decisions made during the meeting. Ultimately, agendas contribute to productive and successful meetings.

Benefits of Meeting Agendas:

  • Structure and Guidance: Agendas act as a roadmap for the meeting, ensuring discussions stay focused and on course.
  • Efficiency: They assist in time management by assigning specific timeframes to each agenda item, preventing distractions and ensuring all topics are addressed.
  • Clear Communication: Participants are aware of what to anticipate, enhancing preparation and engagement during the meeting.
  • Responsibility: Agendas allocate tasks and duties, making participants answerable for discussed action items.
  • Documentation: They function as a record of decisions made, conversations held, and tasks agreed upon during the meeting.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Thoughtfully planned agendas result in more productive meetings, making the most of time and resources.
  • Teamwork: Collaborative agenda creation promotes teamwork and inclusivity, enabling team members to contribute and shape the meeting’s direction collectively.

What Does Meeting Agenda Software Do?

As previously mentioned, meeting agendas are crucial for guiding meetings and achieving results. In the past, agendas were often nonexistent or created solely by the meeting facilitator. This lack of structure led to disinterest among participants.

Meeting agenda software serves two main purposes:

  1. AI-generated meeting agendas: Meeting agenda software employs AI technology to swiftly generate a customized agenda, complete with time allocations for each item. This feature provides a strong foundation for the meeting.
  2. Collaborative agenda creation: Meeting agenda apps typically allow collaborative agenda creation, enabling team members to work together on a shared document in real-time. This collaborative approach ensures that meeting agendas are no longer the sole responsibility of one individual.

4 Best Meeting Agenda Software in 2024


meeting agenda software huddles is an advanced free meeting agenda software aimed at transforming the way meetings are conducted. By providing instant voice-to-text transcription and AI-generated summaries, it effortlessly captures essential points, decisions, and tasks discussed during meetings. This platform promotes teamwork in note-taking, enabling teams to collaboratively create agendas and edit notes together in real time as conversations progress.

One of Huddles’ core functions is the AI agenda creator, which allows you to create AI generated meeting agendas effortlessly. Huddles’ features revolving around meeting agendas include:

  • Chat with our AI meeting assistant for a personalized meeting agenda in seconds
  • Choose from an ocean of professional meeting agendas
  • Save meeting agendas as templates for recurring meetings
  • Collaborative agenda creating and editing
  • Share meeting agenda with teammates via email Slack, Teams and other apps your team use
  • Agenda item timers that allocate time slots for each discussion topic
  • Assign owners to meeting agenda items

Huddles is one of the most comprehensive meeting agenda apps out there, with all the functionality you need for seamless collaboration and productive meetings.

2. Fellow

Fellow is a comprehensive AI meeting platform that includes advanced note-taking features, action item assignments, and meeting agenda software functionality. As a meeting agenda app, Fellow offers the following functionality:

  • AI meeting assistant takes cues from your meeting title, previous meeting notes and attendees to help build thoughtful, relevant meeting agendas;
  • Customize the tone of a meeting with AI prompts;

With the above meeting agenda functions mentioned, Fellow elevates meetings quality across your entire organization.


3. Hypercontext

Hypercontext is a meeting agenda app to assist managers in leading more effective meetings, providing feedback, and monitoring goals. As a meeting agenda software, its main features include:

  • Allow team members to contribute to agendas
  • Get notifications for upcoming meetings and agenda items
  • Add comments to agenda items before the meeting
  • Build meeting agendas collaboratively
  • Take notes in-app and summarize agenda items
  • Shuffle through suggested agenda items

As you can see, Hypercontext offers a lot of functionality revolving meeting agendas, so that everyone can contribute to an agenda and know what they’ll be discussing before the meeting begins.


4. Avoma

Avoma is a free AI meeting assistant catering specifically to the needs of customer-facing teams. Its AI capabilities facilitate the capture and processing of vital customer interactions, effectively providing assistance before, during, and after meetings. As a meeting agenda app, it supports these features:

  • Insert agenda section in Note Editor for upcoming meetings
  • Share meeting agendas via Email

Unfortunately, Avoma provides limited functionality regarding the creation of meeting agendas, as it may not be their focus. Nevertheless, it is applaudable that it seems easy to attach agendas to meetings. For a more collaborative, AI-powered approach, the 3 apps mentioned above do a far better job.


In this article, we covered the basics of meeting agendas, why they’re important, and the benefits they bring. We also discussed meeting agenda software, highlighting four top options: Huddles, Fellow, Hypercontext, and Avoma.

Currently, there are few AI tools focused on meeting agendas, and these four are the best available. We recommend giving Huddles a try, as it’s designed for efficient meetings and offers features that can boost team collaboration. Give Huddles a go today!


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