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What Are the Top AI Tools for Enhancing Meeting Experiences

What Are the Top AI Tools for Enhancing Meeting Experiences

Top AI tools for meeting enhancement include for scheduling, for transcription, Zoom with AI features, and Cisco Webex for virtual backgrounds and noise cancellation.

Automated Scheduling Features

Automated scheduling systems help automate the scheduling process by inviting participants to a meeting, and offering time slots for the meeting as well as learning the user’s availability schedule. The use of these algorithms significantly reduces the amount of time used up in the back-and-forth communication required to schedule a meeting. One solution in this market, a platform developed by, can detect the availability of both sides, and offers a 24-hour average response time. The use of these features has been reported to increase scheduling speed by 30%. Furthermore, software features that allow for the integration of these scheduling features with popular calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and Apple Calendar are essential. The capabilities of the Iris virtual assistant, named Clara, to prevent double-booking and send reminders to participants before the meeting starts can also reduce scheduling errors by up to 40%. Moreover, the ability to schedule across different time zones can ensure the attendance of workers on global teams. Finally, by 2022, over 20 million hours of work time can be gained by organizations through the use of artificial intelligence for time savings-related tasks.

What Are the Top AI Tools for Enhancing Meeting Experiences

Costs and Services

While the use of AI scheduling tools has the potential to save a significant amount of time, its costs are also related to the programming in which it is implemented. These services can take many forms, including Doodle’s free scheduling plans for individuals, and a premium scheduling plan offering meeting insights and analytics for $5 per user per month at its lowest baseline costs.

Real-Time Transcription Services

Real-time transcription services have become an extremely useful addition to the meeting toolset. They provide immediate written records of spoken conversation by applying advanced speech recognition technology. An example of such service is, which can transcribe a relatively clear audio input with up to 95% accuracy. It can also identify multiple speakers, associate each piece of dialogue with the person who spoke it, and provide a clean, searchable transcript that can be viewed and immediately after the conversation. It is difficult to overstate the importance of the efficiency of real-time transcription. A one-hour meeting would take roughly 4-6 hours to transcribe manually, while completes the process over the course of the meeting or even a bit after. With, one can afford to immediately edit the transcript after the prohibitively time-consuming equivalent of manual transcription would be completed, providing more detail than one would reasonably expect any participant to remember.

Post-Meeting Transcript Analysis

Hooser also describes post-meeting transcript analysis services, which provide additional value to the recorded information. They can identify the critical points, such as what topics were covered, what action items will be shared, or even an analysis of the speaker’s sentiment. An example would be the Sonix automated transcription service, which provided the test and hosted the recorded meeting used in this paper. Analysis of a meeting transcript is a somewhat less universally useful function, but it is still beneficial. For example, since the action items are to be shared with the team, the team members’ phones will provide them with a summary of the meeting around 15 minutes after it ends, extracting it automatically and providing it after the sole manual intervention of choosing the action items in the text.

Cost Considerations for Services

Cost considerations for these services are also important. While some platforms offer free versions with limitations on usage, businesses often opt for premium plans to unlock additional features and capabilities. Sonix’s pricing starts at $10 per month for 4 hours of audio processing, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to scale their transcription needs.


Virtual Meeting Room Enhancements

AI-Driven Video Conferencing Platforms

AI-driven video conferencing platforms are transforming virtual communication by integrating machine learning algorithms to enhance user experience and meeting productivity. These platforms, like Zoom with its AI features, can automatically adjust video quality based on network conditions, ensuring a smoother flow of meetings. Additionally, AI can provide real-time transcription and translation services, which are particularly useful for global teams. For instance, Microsoft Teams offers live captions and translations in over 60 languages, improving accessibility and understanding among multilingual participants.

The integration of AI in video conferencing platforms can lead to a significant improvement in meeting efficiency. Studies show that with AI-enhanced features, the average time saved per meeting can be up to 15 minutes due to reduced setup and troubleshooting time. However, the cost of these advanced features can be a deterrent for some organizations.

Virtual Background and Noise Cancellation Technologies

Virtual background and noise cancellation technologies have become widely used solutions to improve professional appearance and to reduce interference during virtual meetings. These AI-powered tools are capable of detecting and replacing the user’s background with a virtual one while cancelling any unwanted noise that might distract the user or the party on the other side. Cisco Webex, for instance, provides its users with the function of a virtual background, which could be customized with an organization’s logo or an image of a professional setting, and uses noise cancellation technology to reduce the background noise by a whopping 95%.

Virtual Background and Noise Cancellation Technologies

Meeting Analytics and Insights Tools

Participant Engagement Tracking

Participant engagement tracking tools are designed to analyze the information gathered from meetings and to measure the level of the participants’ engagement by its intensity. The tools utilize a combination of multiple data points, such as video analysis, audio input and applications usage to establish who has offered the most input and who may feel disengaged. As an example, Mentimeter provides its customers with real-time polls and quizzes to help track the level of the participants’ involvement and offers real-time results to measure the audience’s interest and understanding. Engagement tracking is crucial to meeting quality analysis due to its potential to help identify rendezvous where the audience might need more stimuli or explanation. The data gathered can be used by the organizers to fine-tune the following sessions to appeal to the target audience more effectively, potentially increasing the retention rate by up to 20%. There is no definite answer to the cost of such a system. While most basic tracking functionality could be a part of standard video conferencing software, a more in-depth analysis takes additional investment. Another manufacturer of the engagement tracking tool is Slido, which offers plans starting at $9 a month for the most basic tracking and with analytics available at a higher price.

Meeting Efficiency Analytics

Tools in the category re focusing on the overall efficiency and effectiveness of meetings. They measure the duration of meetings, attendees invited and the contributing participants of the meetings, as well as help track action item follow ups. Through this, we can have the analytic tool to understand how effective a meeting is.

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