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What is Read AI Meeting Notes in Teams?

What is Read AI Meeting Notes in Teams?

You might have received something on your Teams feed called “Read AI meeting notes” and wonder: what exactly is this supposed to be? If you had to look this up online, chances are it’s your first encounter with AI meeting notes. To put simply, Read AI meeting notes are meeting summaries automatically generated by an Read AI, an AI-powered meeting recap software. If you’re probably curious about how it works or if it’s even reliable, fear not! In this article, we’ll walk you through exactly what AI meeting notes are, what Read AI is and show you how it can revolutionize note-taking in your team’s workflow.

What are AI meeting notes?

Picture this: You’re in a meeting, and instead of furiously scribbling down notes, you’re actually engaging in the conversation. Sounds too good to be true? Enter AI meeting notes—summaries whipped up by AI, saving you from the pain of manual note-taking.

In the world of AI, meeting notes are smartly and automatically generated, capturing every detail. These tools transcribe, highlight, and extract the key points from your conversations, adapting to different speaking styles and jargons to ensure accurate notes. This automation saves participants hours and hours of manual note-taking and frees their attention to focus on the conversation, which is what actually matters.

And though they might not be 100% accurate every time, they typically offer a level of comprehensiveness and detail that manual note-taking struggles to match, not to mention how many of us tend to fall back on our all-too-fallible memories for these details.

Here’s a real life scenario for a better idea of how these work: A software development team uses daily stand-up meetings on Teams. With AI notes, the system automatically transcribes their talks, highlights updates, blockers, and next steps. The team quickly accesses summarized notes and actions and shares it with ease across different platforms such as Teams. This streamlines follow-ups and reduces administrative tasks for the team lead, freeing up time for strategy work.

Key Features of Read AI

Now let’s talk about Read AI, one of the many tools available for generating AI meeting notes. Here’s a cool intro video of how it works and its key features.

Key takeaways from the introduction video:

  • Read AI basically joins your Zoom meeting like any other participant and does all the magic in the background while the meeting is ongoing.
  • Read AI delivers real time metrics during the meeting and recommendations post-meeting to shed light on how the meeting went or how each member performed. Metrics monitored include filler words (“um,” “uh,” “like,” “you know,” “so,” “actually” etc.), average talking speed, talking time per person and so on. These metrics not only help you enhance your communication skills but also provide insight into who might be dominating the conversation or not contributing enough.
  • Read AI automatically generates the meeting notes. The meeting notes include a summary, action items, key questions, topics, highlights and so on. It also includes a video feature where you get to see in video form the most important moments based on engagement, offering an easy method to revisit key parts of the conversation.
  • After a meeting, the meeting notes generated can be easily shared across platforms. You have the option to quickly send a copy of meetings notes to all participants by email, if that’s what you’d like.

How to Integrate Read AI to your team’s workflow

One of the best things about Read AI is its ease of use. Here’s how you can get your team up and running with Read in just 2 minutes.

  • Go to and create an account.

  • Connect your calendar (Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook) to let Read know when you want it to join your meetings

  • Customize settings, for example, whether Read automatically joins all your meetings, whether meeting notes will be sent via email to participants, among other options.

  • Connect to video conference platforms such as Zoom. Some of these applications might require you to toggle permissions. Allow recording for Read to join your meetings on these apps.

Pricing Options

Like most AI meeting tools on the market, Read AI works with a subscription pricing model.

If your team is not ready to commit, you can try the free version first or start a free trial of the Enterprise subscription. From my experience, the free version still offers a pretty solid glimpse into how everything works, as you’re just looking at a few limits, like being able to use it only 5 times a month and recordings maxing out at 1 hour. Other things you miss out on are features that may or may not be important to your team.

For the latest and most comprehensive info on their pricing and what you get with each subscription level, check out the pricing page on their main site.

Of course, if you’re not satisfied with this product, feel free to try out our software, Huddles for a slightly different approach to enhancing the productivity of your meetings. Click here to learn more!

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